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  • NAKED - a spy operating without cover or backup.
  • NAICHO one of Japan's intelligence agencies.
  • NARCOTHERAPY HYPNOSIS CIA interrogators use hypnosis to force regression in the prisoner to make him believe he is talking to his spouse. The prisoner is first prepared by pharmaceuticals according to the following protocol. 1. An injection of 10 mg sodium pentothal to render unconscious. 2. Wait 20 minutes. 3. An injection of 10 mg benzodrine to revive the prisoner to a state partway between waking and sleep. 4. Repeat step 3 if required. At the end of the interrogation a hypnotically induced amnesia is invoked.
  • NEUROLINGUISTICS a branch of psychology used by intelligence agencies and security services to covertly manipulate unsuspecting human targets.
  • NEUTRON BOMBARDMENT used by security services like Britain's MI.5, America's FBI, Germany's BfV, and France's DST to detect microdots and invisible writing in postal mail. Originally developed by the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment in Britain for use by MI.5.
  • NIGHTCRAWLER a talent spotter who prowls bars and nightclubs looking for government employees, military personnel, etc. who can be compromised using booze, drugs, or sex. Also see TALENT SPOTTER.
  • NINJAS slang for members of a SWAT team.
  • NITROUS OXIDE an anesthetic inhalant used to render sleeping targets unconscious during surreptitious entry by goon squads.
  • NMI Norway's security service.
  • NOC - A spy with Non-Official Cover. A fake or real private sector job used by a case officer as a cover.
  • NOTIONAL AGENT - Made up or nonexistent secret agent, usually used for a source of fabricated information or the means by which such information was obtained
  • NSA US sigint intelligence agency and security service, the National Security Agency. 
  • NSS Bulgaria's security service.
  • NSTL the FBI's national security threat list
  • NUGGET - British term for the bait (money, political asylum, sex, or career opportunity) used to offer a potential defector
  • NURSEMAID - Russian term for the security service officer who accompanies delegations to other countries to prevent anyone from defecting.

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